Taiwan and EU end mutual visa waiver

Freitag 14 Mai 2059 81883 Teilen

Taiwan and EU end mutual visa waiver

Saber races between the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the EU. The EU Commission in Brussels has decided by a 4/5 majority to lift the visa waiver for Taiwanese citizens. From january 15, 2019, travelers from Taiwan will need a Schengen visa for the EU, even for purely tourist stays.
The taiwanese government responded promptly with a visa requirement for the European nationals. All visitors who arriving or staying Taiwan after january 15, 2019 must apply for a visa. The most european citizens are entitled to apply for the visa on arrival at Taoyuan airport, and the international airport of Kaohsiung. 
Taiwanese citizens are required to apply a Schengen visa in advance.

"We are dismayed by this decision of the EU Commission" said the president of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen. 

Whether there will be renewed negotiations between Taiwan and the EU regarding a visa exemption is not yet foreseeable.

European citizens who entered Taiwan before january 15, 2019 can stay without visa until the planned departure within 90 days. Same for Taiwanese in the EU countries.

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